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Website has been revised

Published by Sir Law in General News · 8/6/2016 15:38:00
Tags: ManowarSirLawsCollection
Hail Brothers & Sisters…

Things have calmed down a bit here. Which isn't because I threw my collection out - hell would have to freeze over first -, I simply redesigned the site completely over the past months. The old version was very outdated and much too inflexible concerning the programming and updates.

Therefore I now put a new site online – everything was newly arranged, many items' descriptions were updated and expanded and the menu is a bit more complex. Additionally there are some new sections, for example the "Sale Or Trade" page, a search function, the general structure of the site and this blog which you're now reading.

Speaking of news: Subscribe to this blog and you will be automatically informed by your browser or via email when any new collector's items have been added or any other changes occur on the site. This will render frequent searches for news obsolete and you will not miss any updates while not having to do anything. So take advantage of the new feature and don't be afraid of any spam. You definitely won't get any from me. This blog includes a description of how to subscribe.

So much for today. Hope to see you for a beer at a forthcoming Manowar concert or somewhere else.

All hail ! 
Sir Law 

P.S.: For praise, suggestions or criticism about the new website, please use the message and evaluation function below. Thank you for your support.

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