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My special thanks goes to...


Constanze Lange

Met in 2004 via MANOWAR. Since then you’ve accompanied me through thick and thin and have become far more than the most important person in my life. Who apart from you ever understood my wacky hobby so much during all these years? Nobody ! For this, I would like to thank you very much here.

Till Oberboßel

We have known each other for more than 10 years now. The English version of "Sir Law's Manowar Collection" would not have been possible without you. You have a very big hand in my bilingual website. Thank you for your patience, effort and time that you sacrificed selflessly for this project. I know that my word order has not always made it easy for you.

By the way, Till is the guitarist and founder of the Power Metal band ELVENPATH from Frankfurt / Germany.

Shayenna Sommer (N.Q.)

Many exceptional rarities still would not be in my collection without you. When it came to helping me in my quest for the most unusual collectibles, you were always there at the forefront. I will cherish your legacy forever. It's good to know such a good friend at my side. Thanks a lot for this ! 

P.S. It would be nice to see you or hear from you a bit more often though. 

Vampyr (Best Manowar "Merch Warrior" in the World)

I have met quite a few merchandise people in my life. But YOU are the best!!! Thank you for the many years of friendship and everything you've ever done for me and this project. Much of what I mean is now also a part of "Sir Law's Manowar Collection".

I hope to see you healthy again on the next tour !

Dirk Limberg

The same collectors’ hearts are beating in our chests, only with the preference for different bands. Thank you that you have always thought of me in the context of your work as a music journalist. Therefore many valuable (single) pieces were added to my collection.

P.S. I still owe you a special drink. We’ll do it at our next reunion !
Furthermore, I would like to thank ... everyone else who accompanied and supported me during my entire time as a Manowar fan.

My parents, Birgit Freitag, Camillo Cuppok (let's have a drink again), Yiğit "Elvis" İlgü, Dirk "Heiländer" Heiland (think of me when seeing the next "Triumph of Steel" backpatch!), Stefan "Blase" Blasinski (to Stuttgart and back), Jörn Hehl, Rikki Mannhard & Mystery Blue (thanks for our common appearance at the French Metal Attack in Frankfurt, 2010), Iron Cobra (thanks for the Manowar cover at the Taunus Metal Festival 2012), Ares (thanks to Damien Gaudois for the fantastic "Hail and Kill" cover at the Casa Blanca, Usingen, 2012), Blackevil (thanks Abyss for the handmade shirt!!!), Nicolas "the french Maiden Priest" Pochat-Pochatoux (thanks for the rare CD-compilations), Mike "I do not have the time to come to your festival" Langer (thanks for the Kaliakra shirt), Heiko "you can get it cheaper at Amazon" Ort (thanks for the old tape), Marcel Suiskens (thanks for the annual goodies).
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