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Sign Of The Hammer - Original Backpack

Details: Original Manowar - Merchandise, Backpack with embroidered Manowar logo (white) and "Sign Of The Hammer" - motive (red),
very high quality with plenty of storage space, four patch pockets with zipper on the outside - one with an additionally sewn compartment for small items and a clear window for ID cards, an additionally sewn bag on the inside with zipper and eyelet for key ring or lanyard, exceptionally wide, universally adjustable, padded shoulder straps, with additionally integrated carrying strap on top for use as hand luggage,

Made: U.S.A. / 2007
Material: solid splash-proof tissue
Dimensions: 15,7 inch x 17,7 inch x 6,7 inch (without carrying loop)
Manowar Logo - Original Fabric Bag

Details: Original Manowar - Merchandise, fabric bag on both sides identical with golden Manowar logo printed,

Made: Europe / 2011
Material: fabric
Dimensions: 14,2 inch x 16,5 inch (without carrying loop)
The Dawn Of Battle - Pencil Case

Details: tubular pencil case with zipper, photoprint, no official Manowar - Merchandise,

Made: Poland / 2011
Material: fabric
Dimensions: length = 8,1 inch / diameter = 2,8 inch
Louder Than Hell - Original Wallet

Details: Original Manowar - Merchandise, with velcro fastener, motive embroidered, detachable chain with lobster clasp,

Made: Spain / 2002
Material: leather imitation (outside) / woven fabric (inside)
Dimensions: 3,5 inch x 5,0 inch (closed) / 10,3 inch x 5,0 inch (complete opened)
Sign Of The Hammer - Original Wallet

Details: Original Manowar - Merchandise, with velcro fastener, Manowar logo embroidered, hammer woven, detachable chain with lobster clasp,

Made: U.S.A. / 2008
Material: woven fabric
Dimensions: 5,5 inch x 3,5 inch (closed) / 11,1 inch x 5,5 inch (complete opened)
Kings Of Metal - Wallet

inside - detailed representation

Details: Wallet with velcro fastener, detachable chain with lobster clasp, no official Manowar - Merchandise,

Made: Poland / 2013
Material: woven fabric
Dimensions: 3,7 inch x 5,3 inch (closed) / 11,5 inch x 5,3 inch (complete opened)
Sign Of The Hammer - Leather Wallet

Details: leather wallet, no official Manowar - Merchandise, 
This wallet is multiple fold out and contains nine credit card slots, two pockets with vision panels for driver license and identification card, two pockets for banknotes, one pocket for coins and one closable pocket with zipper (usable on both sides),

Made: Germany / 2016
Material: genuine leather
Dimensions: 4,7 inch x 3,7 inch (closed) / 13,7 inch x 3,7 inch (complete opened)
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